InstallationNov 24,2014

Installing your webforms is easy, but if you don’t want to do it yourself, we’ve got you covered. First, these are the main options that appear when you click Install on the SwiftForm main user interface: Get HTML Install to WordPress Download Zip Email HTML to someone (such as a programmer or developer) Order installation Read More…

Embed Web Forms

Embed Web FormsSep 25,2014

Embedding Your Forms is Easy! Option 1: WordPress Plugin (Recommended if you have a WordPress Site) For wordpress based websites, the hands down the best choice – it’s easy, and you won’t have to touch a line of code. Note this only works for wordpress sites, but if that’s you, then you’ve got 2 options, Read More…

Help on Help

Help on HelpSep 09,2014

On any page, click the help icon in the top right to see help about that specific page. The system will know what page you’re on, and so the help files will be specific. If you encounter a blank page, just let us know! We’ll be happy to complete it for you – they all Read More…

Intro Tour

Intro TourAug 13,2014

The title says it all- here’s the quick whirlwind tour of SwiftForm beta (Summer 2014) version. Website Contact Form Creator Questions? Leave us a note and we’ll update this page. We will re-do this video in 1-2 months with more polish as more features get rolled out.

Web Form Types

Web Form TypesJul 21,2014

Every web form really exists for only a few reasons, and by getting clear about this we can increase profits. Those web forms are, generally: Capture / Squeeze Page List-Building forms. The #1 job of this type of form is to grow your list, grow your audience. You’ll want as few fields as possible for Read More…

Credit Card Charge / Cancel Service

You probably want Form Swift not Swift Form. We get a lot of calls for them. SwiftForm is 100% free. Later, we may split off a paid level, but currently, we don’t even have one. Head over to Form Swift dot com if you are looking to cancel or refund your account. It’s not us.  Read More…

Free Form Generator – Ready for Public Beta

I’m proud to announce we’re ready for public beta, and all the basics are working. is a… Free Form Generator Obviously this is the start of a journey. Our goal is make one of the more complex portions of a typical website into a very easy task any non-programmer can do. SwiftForm allows you Read More…

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to Swift Corporation. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! To edit this post, just login to the control panel (emailed to you), then click “Posts” in the top left. We have also pre-loaded some “best practices” categories for you as a suggestion. For training and help, see